Sunday, December 17, 2006

Christmas is right around the corner!

So things have been interesting around the Smith house this past month. Jared doesn't have his license, I'm getting to that uncomortable stage of pregnancy where I am ready to meet my new son...and on top of all of that Christmas has snuck up on us. I can't believe that its here already. Like 8 more days!!!!! Luckily for us we have the business to shop through and get paid. It beats hitting the malls and the crowds at Walmart anyday. A little anxiety about being new parents, at least for me, has set in over the past few days. Just wondering what he will be like, what his temperment will be, will he like me???? I know thats a silly thing to wonder about but its just those first time mom jitters I suppose. Even more unnerving is wondering when I will go into labor and for how long? Can I do it without pain medication? I hope so. Another thing I have decided on is breastfeeding. I want to try it. With the allergies in Jared's family, especially to gluten, I would like to avoid him having to suffer through that if at all possible. Besides breast milk is the purest form that God intended, right? Well, off to our Iteam Christmas party. We are taking Austin along so we will have pics to post for you later.