Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Easter Weekend

It wasn't the greatest weekend, by any means! Jaxon was very, very sick, even had his first trip to the Emergency room on Saturday. They thought he might have meningitis, but the only way to test for it was a spinal tap. I did not want to put him through that, so we opted for normal bloodwork and that was bad enough. He kept getting this resistant high fever at night (103-104) and he was burning up after 3 days of an antibiotic. He had pink eye, ear infection, and sinus infection all at the same time, and a virus on top of that. Needless to say he is spending the week with Pappy Reed since I don't want him around other kids and he needs to be kept under close watch. Poor baby! Among all this, he managed to have a good time. We...

Helped Nanny and Pappy Reed around the house. He is a little tool man like the men in our families and he loves to help in the kitchen. He always has to be where the action is!

He also loves to feed himself now! I love it, he makes such a mess!

He got many easter baskets from his families, even got to sing some karaoke with his uncle Brandon...

And perhaps the cutest of all was how Jaxon so enjoyed the gift he got for Christmas that he didn't quite know how to work then. It was like a new toy all over. He is still such a dare-devil, he even tries to ride it standing up~! He actually learned to make it go on his own. Some of his facial expressions are priceless. Check out he pics and video from his 4 wheelin' adventure.

I love bananas!

He might be part monkey, or maybe he just loves bananas, I'm not sure...but, either way Jaxon loves bananas...He has at least one if not 2 a day! Do you see a resemblance?

Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy St. Patty's Day!

Hot Stuff

Jaxon is quite the little stong man. He is ALLLLLLLLLL BOY, always picking things up, standing on them, and pushing them around. His latest is standing on his Thomas the CHOO-CHOO and scaring me half to death. I caught him on video today...

He loves to ride his little pony too!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Its a ... (due 8/3/08)



We went to the doctor's today for the half way anatomy scan and to my disbelief, but utter excitement, we found out that our second child will be a "chica." Jaxon will get to be the big brother to his 'lil sis. How awesome! This little bundle (still to remain nameless...we finally had the name picked for a boy since thats what I thought it was- Josiah Cristian ...but now's it back to the drawing board) is due 8/3/08.