Friday, February 19, 2010


Check ups were Tuesday. Jaxon's 3 year and Ava's 18 month. She's closing in on him!!! Here are their stats:

Jaxon- weight 25.6 lbs. (with clothes on!) ---1st percentile
height 35" ----3rd percentile
Blood pressure ---84/52
B.M.I. 14.5% ----8th percentile

Ava- weight 24.1 lbs. (bare naked baby!)----43rd percentile
length 33" ------ 81st percentile (got a basketball player on our hands)
head 18.5" -----60th percentile
B.M.I. 15.5%

Exactly 1.5 lbs between the two, 2" and 18 months difference! I keep telling Jaxon not to mess with his little sis because she's gonna be able to take him down soon!