Friday, July 17, 2009

Braves Game

Our first taste of Atlanta- and the Braves beat the Mets 5-3! The kids were so well behaved, not one single wimper the whole time we were there. We sat behind the Mets dug out 16 rows up, so a great view of the field...and in foul ball territory! A couple close calls, but no need to duck. Jax did the tomahawk chop and yelled "Charge" a few times. Ava just took it all in....Here are some pics from the night!

My family!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Jax and Ava enjoying our cupboard space

I love to see them interacting together and playing...this was a rare ocassion I actually remembered the camera! Notice her curl on the right, I like to refer to as her devil horn. *For those of you that know her you know what I mean...

New friends?

It is obvious we have had a welcoming party, we should feel blessed! Monday was the skink in our living room (Jared sucked it up with the vacuum and we later saw one outside) and then tonight I walked passed the snake in the front yard thinking it was a piece of rubber, only to be very startled. I guess we will adjust to this as well (lol). Meet the newest members of the Smith Family...

New friends?

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Our new house

A little messy to say the least and furniture-less, but still our home! Jax and Ava have adjusted well and we were only without hot water for 3 days (long story, don't ask!)

Daddy's dreams are coming true!

We are in Georgia on our vacation and Daddy got to fly a helicopter today for about 35 mintues. We got to sit in on his ground instruction class, (way over my head) and then he got to physically fly with the instructor there to help if he needed it. Let's just say he is more hooked now than he was before and he can't wait to start his classes!

Nana's retired

Nana Smith retired officially today, July 2, 2009. Yeah for her. We got her a limo and took her for a drink just to embarass her and celebrate her time with a J-O-B!
Congrats Nana...looking forward to you watching us in Georgia!

Potty trained

The same week Ava started walking, Jax got potty trained. Around 29 months! Not bad for a boy. The amazing thing was that he got it in 3 days! Letting him run loose in the house in just a t-shirt made him very aware of the consequences if he didn't make it to the potty...great job buddy! Chuck E. Cheese here we come!

Ava's walking!

Well, she has been for about 3 weeks! She started walking June 23, 2009, about a week before turning 11 months~! (A month and a week before her big bro!)

Wow its been forever!

Sorry its been so long, everything is just kinda crazy for our family. With the move to Georgia and the job search, there is just never any time. I am taking a moment out today to update, stay tuned!