Tuesday, April 14, 2009

More Easter 2009- (between the sickness)

Easter wasn't a total loss, we did some fun things when Jax wasn't puking!


We colored eggs...

after colored eggs

after eggs

Ava's egg

coloring eggs

We went to egg hunts at Britton Park and Pleasant Hall:

before egg hunt

Jax egg hunting 

jax eggs in basket

jax hunting eggs

Jaxon playing at egg hunt Jaxon easter bunny

Jaxon Ava easter bunny


Easter crafts from my new sitter's house, before I got sick...

craft baskets

Made out of Chinese noodles mixed like rice krispy treats and molded in a cupcake pan...then colored coconut and m&m's for eggs and licorice as the handle.

Jaxon easter bunny craft

m & m eggs

New bike trailer...Daddy bought for bike riding fun!

bike trailer

new bike trailer

Easter Sunday!

Didn't get any pics of Jaxon because he was laying in the ER all day and then when he did come home, he wanted nothing to do with pics....

ava and mommy easter (2) 

ava on mantle

ava mantle 2

Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter in the hospital!

Jaxon spent his Easter Sunday in the hospital, after being sick for 5 days prior. It started on Wednesday with Jaxon vomiting in the afternoon and it would come an go....but by Saturday he had started again, and he went to sleep at 6pm! He awoke at 2:30 am throwing up and that lasted through the night. Daddy and I took Jax to the hospital at daybreak and Ava went to church with Nanny and Pappy Reed. Jaxon was diagnosed with severe dehydration and an IV was started...well 3 sticks later. Needless to say, mommy cried too as they kept prodding and poking my Baby! Finally success, and he was exhausted from fighting his hardest. The hospital was great otherwise, they even gave him a bunny for him and his sister. He is not 100% yet, but he is definitely feeling better. Glad we decided to take him after all

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Happy Easter!

Children's Fair @ Shippensburg University

We attended the annual Children's Fair @ S.U. this weekend with a surprise visit from Uncle Artie, the Smith's, and the Reed's. It was great. The babies just looked around and Jaxon was a bit overwhelmed, but loved it. He didn't want to wash off his baseball later that night.

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Ava's 1st surgery

Ava got her tubes put in at just short of 8 months in Harrisburg on March 27, 2009. She was a real trooper, although she had a little trouble "coming to" after the anesthesia. Here is a pic from before surgery around 7:15 am while waiting for Dr. Shapiro to arrive...